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Study Suggest ‘Regressive’ Gas Tax Hike for Hawaiians

The Hawaii Reporter reports, Tom Yamachika, head of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, has recently uncovered an economic study for commissioned by the state recommending, among other things, Hawaii raise taxes on gasoline by $.85 per gallon to discourage consumption and ostensibly improve the environment. Noting Hawaii’s fuel taxes are higher than 46 of the 50 states' gasoline taxes, but low compared to the European Union’s gasoline taxes, to reduce consumption, the study recommends the state tax...

Congress Adds New National Parks to System in Decline

Despite an $11.5 billion maintenance backlog marring visitor experiences at national parks and leaving important maintenance projects unaddressed, the federal government continues to add new properties to the park system.             The parks are managed by the National Park Service (NPS), a division of the Department of the Interior.             As of September 2014, the NPS...

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