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Senate Hearing Highlights State Clean Power Plant Objections

A Senate hearing concerning the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) sweeping clean power plant rule featured testimony from state officials opposing new carbon-dioxide regulations EPA is expected to finalize in the summer of 2015. John Eick, director of the Energy, Environment, and Agriculture Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council, says it is difficult to respond to the rule without knowing what it will be. “One of the main challenges in addressing the Clean Power Plan now...

Renewable Energy Mandates Under Fire for Huge Economic Costs

In the previous decade, 29 states and the District of Columbia established mandates known as renewable portfolio standards (RPS) that require utilities to derive a designated percentage of their electricity from renewable sources by a specific date. Legislators hoped the mandates would reduce their states’ dependence on fossil fuels and reduce energy costs. In some states the initial enthusiasm for renewable mandates appears to be fading, because renewable energy has failed to deliver the cheap...

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