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California Considered Environmental Law Waiver to Lure Tesla

Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and other California officials considered exempting Tesla Motors from complying with environmental protections under the California Environmental Quality Act. The contemplated environmental exemption triggered accusations of hypocrisy as Tesla has accepted subsidies and governmental favoritism based on the assertion its electric cars are environmentally friendly. States Competing for Plant Tesla is planning to build a $5 billion battery factory and considered California...

Global Warming Turned the Arab Deserts Green

Global warming turned the harsh deserts of the Arabian Peninsula lush and green during the most recent interglacial warm period, scientists note in the August 29 issue of Science. During the last interglacial warm period, global temperatures were significantly warmer than the present. The article, “In Search of Green Arabia,” explains how scientists have discovered many more ancient artifacts in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula than expected. The article explains how the artifacts are...

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