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Denton, Texas City Council Rejects Fracking Ban

The city council of Denton, Texas rejected a proposed citywide ban on producing oil and natural gas through hydraulic fracturing techniques. Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, entails injecting water, sand, and small amounts of other chemicals deep underground under high pressure to open seams in rock formations, thereby releasing oil and gas deposits for production. Denton sits atop the Barnett shale formation, one of the most productive natural gas deposits in the nation. Had the...

New Book Documents Hydraulic Fracturing's Promise for America

Review of Groundswell: The Case for Fracking, by Ezra Levant (Signal 2014), 272 pages, ISBN- 978-0771046445 The new book Groundswell is a highly recommended read. It is more an economics and politics book than a science treatise, and there are plenty of issues in fracking economics and politics to discuss. In an easy conversational writing style, Ezra Levant powerfully debunks a litany of myths regularly asserted by anti-fracking activists. New Promise for Proven TechniqueLevant quickly...

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