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Health Threat from Wisconsin Wind Farm Affirmed

In a shot across the bow of wind power promoters, the Brown County Wisconsin Board of Health has declared the Shirley Wind Farm a “human health hazard.” The Board declared the wind turbines at the Shirley Wind Project in Glenmore, Wisconsin a human health hazard for all people exposed to infrasound (low frequency noise) and other emissions potentially harmful to human health. The Board’s Oct. 13 decision was based on a year-long study documenting infrasound in homes within a six mile radius of...

2014 Won’t Be Warmest Year

Climate Change Weekly #144 Contrary to projections made by environmental journalist Seth Borenstein in a widely reprinted article, 2014 will not be the hottest year on record. Based on average surface temperature data for January–September 2014, Borenstein said the year is on pace to be the warmest in the modern instrumental record. He’ll be proven wrong. Dr. Roy Spencer points out thermometers can’t measure global averages – only satellites can. Satellites measure nearly every square mile of...

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