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Oregon Governor Resigns Amid Green Energy Scandal

In the face of a growing pay-to-play green energy scandal, John Kitzhaber resigned as governor of Oregon effective February 18, only a month into his historic fourth term as the state’s chief executive. Despite previous statements defiantly announcing he would not resign and instead would continue as governor, his resignation surprised few. Pressure from ethics and legal investigations made it impossible for Kitzhaber to govern effectively. In his resignation letter, Kitzhaber stated, “I...

Florida Liberals, Conservatives Team Up for Solar

If an odd coalition of environmentalists and conservative activists have any say in the matter, the sun may shine brighter on the solar industry in Florida. Florida has plenty of sunshine and people. Despite being the third most populous state in the nation, it ranks thirteenth among the states for solar power. A group of business owners, political libertarians, liberal environmental activists, and Christian conservatives blames state law for the shortage of solar power, and they want to change...

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