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Sierra Club Misrepresents Itself Before New Mexico Legislature

The Sierra Club engaged in ethical misconduct this morning, misrepresenting itself in hearings before the New Mexico House of Representatives Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee. New Mexico legislators are considering House Bill 445, which would freeze the state's renewable power mandate at 15 percent, cancelling a scheduled tightening of the renewable power mandate to 20 percent by 2020. In hearings before the House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee this...

Environmental Extremism Imperils Nation’s Freedom and Prosperity

Our American constitutional republic is in peril. Having protected our God-given individual freedoms and our culture of free entrepreneurship that created the greatest economic miracle the world has ever known, these freedoms and this culture are now being markedly diminished by those who want to turn our country away from the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and replace these principles with ubiquitous government control of literally every aspect of our lives. This attack on...

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