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Government Support for Solar Power Being Reconsidered Nationwide

Forty U.S. states have net metering policies under which households or businesses with rooftop solar panels can sell electricity they generate above what they actually use back to solar utilities at retail rates. The increase in the price of electricity to utility customers as a result of the growth of solar power due to the net metering incentives has prompted 25 states to begin reconsidering their policies. In California, where opinion polls show solar power to be widely popular, by a narrow...

New Study Shows Renewable Energy May Always Need Government Support

A new study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says renewable energy sources will be unable to compete with conventional energy without government support or high taxes on fossil fuels for at least a decade. The authors also conclude renewable energy may always need government assistance to stay in business. The study’s authors say while renewable energy has made promising gains in the past few years—the cost of solar dropped by about two-thirds from 2009 to 2014—new...

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