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States, Localities Handling Road Issues Related to Frac Sand Mining

A new study by The Heartland Institute finds states and localities in the Upper Midwest are effectively dealing with cases of excess road deterioration from increased heavy truck traffic related to frac sand mining. Controversy Arose with Fracking Until recently, up to 9,000 non-metallic mines operated in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, approximately one mine for every 3,000 residents, without significant opposition. This changed beginning with widespread use of fracking to produce...

Legislative Pulse: Arizona Sen. Begay Discusses Regulations Harming Navajo Nation

Editor’s Note: Second-term Arizona state Sen. Carlyle Begay (D-Ganado) represents the largest state legislative district in the nation. He serves on the Education, Water, and Energy, Transportation, and Financial Institutions Committees and is chair of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Indian Affairs.  Burnett: How important is the coal industry to the Navajo Nation and Arizona in general?  Begay: I represent unique communities in the Southwest directly impacted by a coal economy,...

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