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Utah Has Nation’s Best Economic Outlook, Rich States, Poor States Says

For the seventh consecutive year, Utah has been ranked as the state with the best economic outlook by the authors of Rich States, Poor States, published by the American Legislative Exchange Council. New York was ranked 50th, or worst in the nation for economic outlook. Rounding out the top 10 for best economic outlook are South Dakota (2), Indiana (3), North Dakota (4), Idaho (5), North Carolina (6), Arizona (7) , Nevada (8), Georgia (9) and Wyoming (10). Rounding out the bottom 10 for worst...

Virginia a Textbook Example of Problems With Targeted Tax Credits

Virginia’s failure to report how much it doles out in tax credits to each company through the Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit is dragging down the state’s overall spending transparency score. That isn’t likely to change anytime soon though. Tax credits aren’t spending, per se — even though that tax revenue has to be made up somewhere, either through more taxes or spending cuts. So, while a grant to a company would have to be reported, tax credits become easy political tools for state...

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