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Bipartisan Effort Moves Colorado Toward Banning Traffic Cameras

Red-light cameras are really all about the green, says Colorado state Sen. Scott Renfroe. Renfroe, a Republican from Weld County, says the automatic enforcement cameras used in a number of Colorado cities are about raising money more than ensuring drivers’ safety. His bill to ban the use of the devices is moving through the Colorado Legislature and could be on its way to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk before the end of the week. If the governor signs the bill, which already has bipartisan...

Utah Has Nation’s Best Economic Outlook, Rich States, Poor States Says

For the seventh consecutive year, Utah has been ranked as the state with the best economic outlook by the authors of Rich States, Poor States, published by the American Legislative Exchange Council. New York was ranked 50th, or worst in the nation for economic outlook. Rounding out the top 10 for best economic outlook are South Dakota (2), Indiana (3), North Dakota (4), Idaho (5), North Carolina (6), Arizona (7) , Nevada (8), Georgia (9) and Wyoming (10). Rounding out the bottom 10 for worst...

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