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Prosecutors Seek Restart of Wisconsin ‘John Doe’ Probe in Appeals Court

Wisconsin prosecutors have pursued an aggressive “John Doe” investigation into free-speech issues for more than two years, seeking evidence of illegal political coordination between conservative organizations and politicians. Appeal judges heard opening arguments in one activist's attempt to seek compensation from the prosecutors, whom he argues are attempting to quash political speech with which they disagree. Earlier this year, a U.S. District Court issued an injunction terminating the probe...

Pro-Pension Reform State Treasurer Wins Primary Nod

In a victory overshadowed somewhat by more glamorous primary election returns, Rhode Island state treasurer Gina Raimondo successfully gained the state Democratic Party’s nomination for governor. Raimondo, who has spent her term as state treasurer focusing on and working to enact public pension reforms, came under fierce criticism from primary challengers and public-sector labor unions for her support of pension reform. However, Providence mayor Angel Taveras and area lawyer Clay Pell split the...

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