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'Blue States' Join 'Red States' On Tax Reform

Though conservative “red” states have more competitive tax systems and regulatory systems, legislators in many liberal “blue” states are beginning to respond with good reforms of their own, according to the latest release of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Rich States, Poor States report. In all, 17 states enacted important tax reforms in 2013, making it “a standout year for tax changes in the states,” according to the authors. ALEC released the report’s State Economic...

The Changing Nature of State-Federal Relations in Transportation

(Editor’s note: Excerpted from remarks by Ken Orski at the Legislative/Fiscal Plenary Luncheon, Council of Governments’ Southern Legislative Conference, Little Rock, Arkansas, July 27. On July 31, Congress approved a $10.8 billion 10-month "patch" to the Highway Trust Fund, thus averting what could have become significant delays in state reimbursements during the height of the construction season.) ...What will happen after next May is anybody’s guess. A six-year surface transportation...

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