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A Plan to Compel Congress to Amend the Constitution for a Balanced Budget

In the 225 years since the Constitution of the United States of America became the guiding law of the land, it has been amended 27 times (including the first 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights). Now there is a proposal to bring states together in a way to speed the arduous process of amending the Constitution to force Congress to balance the federal budget. The proposal calls for “compacts,” or agreements, among the states to use their power under the Constitution to demand a...

House Passes Permanent Internet Tax Ban, Bill Goes to Senate

A debate over states’ rights ensued in the U.S. House this week as it looked to permanently ban state and local governments from taxing Internet access. The House on Tuesday passed the ban via voice vote, placing pressure on the Senate to pass its version of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act before Nov. 1, when the current moratorium on Internet access taxes expires. The Senate version, called the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act, is awaiting consideration from the Senate Finance...

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