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‘Winning’ Economic Policies Combine for States’ Success

Scholars with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, as well as other institutions, have often used descriptive statistics in conjunction with empirical evidence to tell stories — sometimes, profound ones. For many reasons, Americans pick up and move. Often such moves involve economic motivations. Determing the causes of Americans’ migration from non-right-to-work states to states with such legal protections, is an interesting policy puzzle which lends itself well to descriptive statistics. Is...

Judge Blocks Popular California Pension Reform Initiative

On August 4, California Judge Kent Kellegrew took the unusual step of removing a citizen’s initiative from the ballot that would have dramatically reformed pensions for all future employees in Ventura County, California by moving them from a defined benefit pension to a defined contribution retirement. Judge Kellegrew declared that only the legislature could make the change, and that putting an initiative on the ballot would be a waste of public resources. While proponents of the initiative...

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