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New Study Grades Nation’s Governors on Fiscal Policy

Quantifiably ranking all the fiscal policies of the nation’s governors, the Cato Institute’s recently released “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors” highlights the variety of economic policies of the various states, by grading the nation’s 29 Republican and 21 Democratic governors on their individual tax and spending policies. The annual study, conducted by Director of Tax Policy Studies Chris Edwards and Cato Institute budget analyst Nicole Kaeding, found that, while most state...

Medicaid Reform Offers More Compassionate Options for the Poor

Financing for Medicaid, the national entitlement program providing health care for the poor, is shared with the states under a federal formula, with the federal government paying about 60 percent of the total costs. Under President Barack Obama, provided with a rocket boost from Obamacare, spending on Medicaid is exploding. Total future costs to state governments are estimated to exceed the costs incurred by the federal government by an additional 66 percent. The National Association of State...

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