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New Orleans Okays Sweeping Smoking Ban

In late January, the New Orleans City Council approved a sweeping ban on smoking in the city, outlawing all cigarette and e-cigarette use in all privately owned bars and clubs, public recreational areas, sports arenas, and movie theaters. The ban also extends to any business establishment within the city, as well as outdoor areas like those found in some apartment building complexes, or “outdoor service lines” like those found at a bank. Smoking while waiting in one’s vehicle at drive-through...

States’ Cigarette Sin Taxes Drive Booming Underground Markets

States’ excise taxes on tobacco, intended to curb tobacco use, are instead causing unintended consequences, such as black-market sales and other extralegal economic activity, according to a new study of consumer behavior. The report, produced by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in collaboration with the Tax Foundation, measured state cigarette smuggling as a percentage of total state cigarette consumption, both legal and illegal, in 2013. In 2013, nearly 58 percent of all cigarettes...

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