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Professional Licensing Rules Prove Unnecessary, Raise Consumer Prices

In the 1950s, my dad taught himself to cut hair on an Army troopship sailing between Tokyo and San Francisco. Later, when he attended college on the G.I. Bill, he kept my older brother and sister fed by cutting his classmates’ hair on Friday nights, in my family’s tiny apartment. Today my father’s entrepreneurial spirit would be stifled by the many government-mandated regulations and license requirements added in the decades since then. Barriers to Entry Illinois now requires barbers to have...

Report: States, Local Governments Face Huge Budget Challenges

In recent years, state and local governments have largely remained in a fiscal holding pattern, continuing a slow recovery from the impacts of the Great Recession, but health care costs will create a growing problem in the near future. Local governments have lagged behind the states, with cities and counties only recently starting to experience some recovery. Sounding the Alarm Although the short-term fiscal trends now appear to be moving in a positive direction at both levels of government,...

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