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“Tiny Housing Movement” Pits Millennials against Regulators

Advocates of the growing “micro-housing movement” seek to promote smaller housing alternatives for people pursuing simpler lifestyles. “Micro-apartments” and “tiny houses” are typically less than 300 square feet in area, a fraction of the average American home’s 2,600 square feet. Often weighed down by credit cards and student loan debt, millennials in particular find these minimalist dwellings — many selling for $23,000 or less — an attractive path to homeownership,  in lieu of 30-year...

New D.C. Streetcar Project Becomes Trainwreck for Residents

On the roads of the nation’s capital, there seem to be two constant things: the roads are always congested, and there is always lots of construction going on. The city’s government seems to hope that a new streetcar system will reduce some of the former and incentivize more of the latter, but slow test runs and a lack of administrative direction are casting doubts upon how much it will actually help. As the Washington Post reports, officials have been developing and promoting plans for a...

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