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GAO Sounds Warning on State, Local Budgets Again

In recent years, state and local governments have largely remained in a fiscal holding pattern, continuing a slow recovery from the impacts of the Great Recession. Overall, state revenues have continued to slowly increase for the fifth straight year off of their FY 2010 lows. Relatively few states are currently contending with major budget deficits, in contrast to the years immediately following the onset of the recession. Local governments have lagged behind the states, with cities and...

Illinoisans Shouldn’t Be Forced to Give to Unions

For the first time in decades, an Illinois governor has dared to utter the words “right to work.” Gov. Bruce Rauner said, in January, that he would like to allow “Worker Empowerment Zones,” where employees working for unionized organizations would have the option of not paying money to a union. Right-to-Work Zones Gov. Rauner says he doesn’t want to make Illinois a right-to-work state, but does want to empower cities, counties and townships to opt to create right-to-work zones. A similar...

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