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DOJ Abandons Civil Asset Forfeiture ‘Adoption’ Program

In late January, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced the end of a federal program allowing local law enforcement to receive shares of assets seized from citizens without criminal charges or search warrants. Since 2008, the U.S. Justice Department’s “Equitable Sharing” civil asset forfeiture program seized more than $3 billion in citizens’ cash and property, seized as part of criminal investigations. The majority of these seized assets were redistributed to participating local and state...

Washington Taxpayers Socked by ‘Volatile’ New Tax Hike Plan

Washington governor Jay Inslee’s proposed increases overall state spending by 16 percent, which he plans to fund with a sharp tax hike in the state’s capital gains tax. Although experts disagree on the motivations behind the proposed capital gains tax, they do agree the plan is ill-advised, boding ill for the state’s economic future, if enacted. Inslee’s proposed spending for the Evergreen State exceeds revenues $2 billion, a gap which Inslee proposes filling with a 7 percent capital gains tax...

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