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Philly Sin Tax Scheme Unlikely to Save Schools, Studies Say

This month, Governor Tom Corbett (R-Pennsylvania) reaffirmed the legislature’s efforts to authorize levy new sin taxes upon Philadelphia residents. Suggested as a remedy for the city’s failing public school system, the tax hike also appears to have political motivations, as Corbett lags behind Democratic Party challenger Tom Wolf. Wolf, currently holding a 21-point lead over Corbett in recent polls, has styled himself as a champion for the state’s public school system. His proposed budget plan...

National Poll Finds Increasing Skepticism of Government Regulation

Results from national polling company Gallup’s annual governance survey suggest that a growing number of Americans believe that government’s interference in their lives has grown too large. Surveying randomly selected individuals across the nation, researchers found that 49 percent of Americans feel that government is too active in their lives, while only 22 percent say that government should play a larger role in everyday life. Growing Sentiment Over the past 12 years, Gallup’s polling has...

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