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Eminent Domain’s Economic Benefits Cast into Doubt

In an era of increasing government economic interventions and regulations, people have many reasons to be concerned about future government growth. From sweeping changes in health care and immigration policy, to public education, policy changes are adding to people’s uncertainty about the U.S. economy’s health. One issue underpinning the economy’s success is fundamental to the continued prosperity of its citizens: private property rights. In 2005, the Supreme Court of the United States case...

Georgia Gas Tax Debate Offers Opportunities for Reform

In December 2014, state officials and infrastructure consultants met at an annual industry conference, in Athens, Ga., to discuss mounting transportation issues affecting the Peach State. Addressing the dual problem of declining gas tax revenue and increasing transportation construction and repair costs has been the priority of the 2014 Georgia legislature. In April 2014, the Georgia General Assembly created a Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding, tasking the...

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