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Government Employees Sheltered from Economic Storms, Study Finds

A new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds public sector employees generally enjoy greater job security than private sector employees, especially during recessions and other economic downturns. The study’s authors, Jason Kopelman and Princeton University Professor of Economics and Business Policy Harvey Rosen, examined 22 years of employment data from the United States Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, seeking to identify differences in how the public and...

Cities: Better for the Great Suburbanization

The massive exodus of people from rural areas to urban areas over the past 200 years has been called the "great urbanization." For more than two centuries, people have been leaving rural areas to live in cities (urban areas). The principal incentive has been economic. But most of this growth has not taken place close to city centers, but rather on or beyond the urban fringe in the suburbs (and exurbs). Appropriately, The Economist magazine refers to the urbanization trend as the "...

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