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Eminent Domain’s Economic Benefits Cast into Doubt

In an era of increasing government economic interventions and regulations, people have many reasons to be concerned about future government growth. From sweeping changes in health care and immigration policy, to public education, policy changes are adding to people’s uncertainty about the U.S. economy’s health. One issue underpinning the economy’s success is fundamental to the continued prosperity of its citizens: private property rights. In 2005, the Supreme Court of the United States case...

Rethinking How We Pay for Transportation

Has the time come to reconsider the way we pay for transportation? Should the Highway Trust Fund and its fuel tax revenue continue as the main source of funds for the federal transportation program? If not, what are the alternatives? And more broadly, is the age of heavy reliance on federal funding drawing to a close? These questions are no longer outside the realm of a serious policy debate. They have been raised by a number of respected ...

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