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A Handy Guide for Effective Marketing in Any Situation

Review of Marketing Big…by Thinking Small: How Anything You Sell Can Be Helped by the Greatest Marketing Achievement of the 20th Century, by John L. Gann, Jr., CarpeHoram, 2015, 64 pages, $59.75 at Marketing is the factor in any business that could make or break a business. In his book Marketing Big…by Thinking Small, author explains how to market without spending big bucks doing it. His ideas are rather brilliant and completely realistic, outlining...

County Group Moves to Halve Township Government in Illinois

A citizen group trying to consolidate township governments in McHenry County, Illinois, says the change could save as much as $40 million over 10 years. If successful, the McHenry County Citizens for Township Consolidation would bring the number of townships down from 17 to as few as eight. Mike Shorten, chairman of the group, says the goal is not to reduce services but to restructure to make delivery of services cost-effective. “There are lot of people in townships who value the services and...

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