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Study: Local Governments’ Spending Cut Rhetoric Fails to Match Reality

During the political “silly season,” it is common to hear hyperbolic rhetoric. Ohio is no different, with a multitude of local government officials pointing their fingers at state officials, claiming injuries against local governments. Local officials claim that the governor and General Assembly decided to balance the state budget at the expense of local governments, by reducing the amount of revenue local governments share with the state. This has resulted in charges of “draconian” cuts being...

Homeowners' Lawsuit Challenges Pa. Practice of Police Asset Seizures

Every ninety minutes, law enforcement officials in Philadelphia confiscate the property of individuals who may not have been charged with or convicted of any criminal activity. After government agents seize private citizens’ money or property, those innocent citizens are forced to navigate a confusing system of legal challenges, in order to retrieve the property they once legally possessed. The practice, called “civil asset forfeiture,” allows police to seize cash, cars, homes, guns, or other...

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