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How is Property Tax Relief Doled Out?

Among the many questions in a tentative state budget deal is how revenue from the sales tax increase would be distributed. The Associated Press notes this will be a major source of contention should the plan pass. Under a formula initially proposed by Wolf, Philadelphia would get 14 percent of the money; under the House GOP plan, it got 5 percent. Under Wolf's plan, wealthy Lower Merion would get less than 1 percent; the House GOP plan would give it almost three times as much. Last Thursday,...

Get Oregon out of the Liquor Business

There are still eighteen so-called “control states” in America that exert substantial control over the sale of liquor. Oregon is one of them, virtually monopolizing its warehousing, distribution, and sale through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). You would think that independent-minded Oregonians would have rebelled against such control by now. Next year, they might. The grocery industry now plans to place a measure on the 2016 General Election ballot that would allow consumers to...

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