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Property Tax Reform Gains Support in Pennsylvania Statehouse

Although a bill aimed at relieving homeowners’ tax burdens died without receiving a full hearing, potential support for property tax reform in the Pennsylvania has grown, due to the results of the November elections. Twenty new incoming state representatives have not indicated opposition to a comprehensive reforms of the state’s tax structure, nicknamed the “the Property Tax Independence Act (PTIA),” suggesting that a future attempt at the bill will be more successful. PTIA was approved by the...

Budget Rules May ‘Encourage’ Agencies’ Year-End Shopping Sprees

Scholars from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University searched through numerous public spending databases for evidence of wasteful “use it or lose” spending by government agencies. As described in Missouri State Auditor Thomas Schweich’s 2012 examination of state spending practices, government officials often have “a concern that lapsing funds would result in future agency budget cuts,” as budget rules—at both the state and federal level—often prevent most agencies’ unused balances from...

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