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Vermont Lawmaker Proposes Easing Raw Milk Rules

Vermont State Rep. Teo Zagar (D-Windsor) is proposing a bill to loosen state regulations on raw milk sales in the state. Zagar is sponsoring a bill allowing dairy farmers to sell raw milk through community farmers’ markets and agricultural programs, with less oversight from the Vermont Department of Health. Keep Food Legal Foundation executive director and George Mason University Law School adjunct professor Baylen Linnekin says Zagar’s bill benefits Vermont consumers. “Strict regulations don’t...

Minnesota Lawmaker Proposes Cigar Sin Tax Cut

In Minnesota, State Rep. Jim Nash (R-Waconia) introduced a bill to reduce the state’s excise tax on cigars by up to $3, lowering the tax to $0.50 per unit. Currently, a 95 percent tax is added to the price of cigars, increasing the price by $3.50. Nash’s bill would lowering Minnesota’s cigar tax rate, equalizing the state’s tax rate with the rate applied in Wisconsin. As reported by KARE-TV 11, cigar shop owner Mark Wolk says small businesses like his are good members of their communities. “We...

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