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Study: Uber Benefits New York City Low-Income, Minority Consumers

A new policy paper by Manhattan Institute fellow Jared Meyer examines how underserved neighborhoods in New York City benefit from Uber, a popular transportation-network company. City regulators and elected officials like Mayor Bill De Blasio have been locked in a fight with Uber over how many new drivers the company may hire. Using data provided by the company, Meyer determined that UberX, the company’s basic service tier, is most demanded by consumers in underserved boroughs, away from the...

Continuing ‘War On Toys,’ Feds File Lawsuit

Zen Magnets, a vendor of toy magnet sets, is continuing to fight Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations intended to prevent the sale and manufacture of toy magnet sets marketed to adults for entertainment purposes. In 2014, CPSC issued new regulations banning importing or manufacturing or magnets or toy magnet sets deemed to be excessively strong, responding to 100 reported hospital visits, , between 2009 and 2011, involving young children eating toy magnets, or about 5 cases per one...

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