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Regulators Attack Popular Home-Sharing Startup, Alleging Housing Violations

Airbnb, a web-based startup company connecting private individuals with travelers, has become popular among travelers of all ages who are seeking to meet new people, in cities across the world. Fans of the online service say that Airbnb provides rooms that are remarkably less expensive, and far more interesting, to consumers than traditional hotels.  By connecting homeowners with unused space in their homes with tourists seeking a place to stay for the night, Airbnb’s market valuation has...

In Fight over Minimum Wage Hikes, Small Businesses Get Trampled

Despite being just one of 23 states with a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage, New Jersey will see another increase of 1.59% come January. Small business owners are claiming the rate hikes will negatively impact job creation, will lead to fewer hours for current employees, and will result in an increase in costs for consumers. Last year, voters approved a proposal to increase the wage by nearly 14 percent, to $8.25, in addition to annual increases tracking cost-of-living expenses...

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