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Democracy Only Works When Speech Is Free

“Do you have anything against the United States or its allies?” Um, well no. The question was posed to me more than 30 years ago by a fellow who was looking for a college roommate. He was an aspiring Army officer who wanted to make sure he wasn’t exposed to — or associated with — ideas he didn’t agree with. We ended up rooming together, but I always thought it was a bit sad that on a college campus, of all places, someone was afraid of ideas. I love the marketplace of ideas one finds on college...

The Buckeye Institute Testifies for Asset Forfeiture Reform

Sometimes standing up for liberty is a lonely task. The Buckeye Institute’s Statehouse Liaison Greg Lawson testified before the Ohio House Judiciary Committee today on why the state’s civil asset forfeiture law needs to be reformed. This is the Judiciary Committee’s third hearing on the reform proposal (H.B. 347). Six prosecutors and a police chief testified against H.B. 347 before Greg spoke eloquently for reform. Many police and prosecutors are concerned that restricting their power to seize...

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