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DOJ Abandons Civil Asset Forfeiture ‘Adoption’ Program

In late January, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced the end of a federal program allowing local law enforcement to receive shares of assets seized from citizens without criminal charges or search warrants. Since 2008, the U.S. Justice Department’s “Equitable Sharing” civil asset forfeiture program seized more than $3 billion in citizens’ cash and property, seized as part of criminal investigations. The majority of these seized assets were redistributed to participating local and state...

New Orleans Okays Sweeping Smoking Ban

In late January, the New Orleans City Council approved a sweeping ban on smoking in the city, outlawing all cigarette and e-cigarette use in all privately owned bars and clubs, public recreational areas, sports arenas, and movie theaters. The ban also extends to any business establishment within the city, as well as outdoor areas like those found in some apartment building complexes, or “outdoor service lines” like those found at a bank. Smoking while waiting in one’s vehicle at drive-through...

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