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National Poll Finds Increasing Skepticism of Government Regulation

Results from national polling company Gallup’s annual governance survey suggest that a growing number of Americans believe that government’s interference in their lives has grown too large. Surveying randomly selected individuals across the nation, researchers found that 49 percent of Americans feel that government is too active in their lives, while only 22 percent say that government should play a larger role in everyday life. Growing Sentiment Over the past 12 years, Gallup’s polling has...

Staying Out of the Red: A State Auditor’s Take on Pension Reporting Standards

A hot topic of discussion amongst taxpayers and public employers alike is how to properly manage our public employee pension systems and make sure that pension obligations are met. In June 2012, the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued Statement 68, requiring governments that provide defined benefit pensions to recognize their long-term obligation for pension benefits as a liability on their financial statements. In Ohio and across the country, public employees provide their...

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