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Washington State’s Regressive Wireless Taxes are Still the Highest in the Nation

Washington is once again the highest wireless tax state in the nation, according to a recent study.  Consumers in our state pay a staggering combined (federal, state and local) average wireless tax rate of 25.15%.  In comparison, our neighbors to the east and south, Idaho and Oregon, boast wireless tax rates of less than 9%, the lowest in the nation.  The national average is around 18%. This isn’t just a Washington state problem; wireless taxes in most states across the nation...

Chicago Teachers Union Tells Members To Start Saving For Possible Prolonged Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union is warning of a potentially long strike ahead. The union gauged its members’ willingness to strike in a questionnaire last week. The union said poll results showed 97 percent of their members support a walkout. Even though there was no use of the word “strike” on the ballot, union officials say the questionnaire was similar to what was voted on before the 2012 strike. A spokesperson for Chicago Public Schools responded to the mock vote, saying the administration is...

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