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Study Says States Skimping on Pension Funding

Despite requirements to fully account for and balance spending and revenue, state governments are carrying a massive amount of unfunded liabilities on their accounting sheets—endangering the finances of future taxpayers and retiring public-sector employees alike. New research conducted by State Budget Solutions (SBS)—a non-partisan public policy organization focusing on local and state budget issues—estimates the total value of states’ unfunded public pension liabilities to be worth $4.7...

CPSC Offers Bad Tidings of Holiday Season Regulations

Federal consumer safety regulators may make the holiday season less festive for homeowners this year, as a wave of new product safety rules take effect. Taking effect in December, rules issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will ban the sale of some types of decorative holiday lights, in hopes of reducing holidays lights' lethality. The new regulations, proposed in October, aim to classify “seasonal and decorative lighting products” with wire gauges smaller than 0.8...

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