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New Hampshire Lawmakers Propose Civil Asset Forfeiture Reforms

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are proposing new legal protections for the state’s residents, requiring local and state law enforcement agencies to obtain a criminal conviction before the government can confiscate an individual’s cash or property. New Hampshire law enforcement agencies currently can use a legal process called civil asset forfeiture to seize private assets and property believed to have been used in the commission of a crime. ‘The Wrong Incentives’ The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Dan...

Poll: Americans Say Government Is Nation’s Biggest Problem

A plurality of American adults surveyed in a Gallup public opinion poll believe government is now the biggest problem facing the nation. The new Gallup Poll Social Series survey asked approximately 12,000 randomly selected adults over the age of 18 to identify the most important problem in the nation. The survey marks the second consecutive year respondents identified government as the nation’s top problem. Karlyn Bowman, a senior fellow and research coordinator with the American Enterprise...

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