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San Francisco Voters Sour on Soft Drinks Sin Tax

In November, voters in San Francisco rejected a proposal to add taxes on sugary beverages sold within the city—a “sin tax” with the stated goal of reducing consumption of such products by collecting revenue from people’s consumption of soda and other beverages. If enacted, the tax would have imposed a $0.24 excise tax on soft drinks, increasing government revenue by an estimated $31 million per year. Public Health Nudges Sin taxes levied on soft drinks, according to Jacob Sullum, award-winning...

Property Tax Reform Gains Support in Pennsylvania Statehouse

Although a bill aimed at relieving homeowners’ tax burdens died without receiving a full hearing, potential support for property tax reform in the Pennsylvania has grown, due to the results of the November elections. Twenty new incoming state representatives have not indicated opposition to a comprehensive reforms of the state’s tax structure, nicknamed the “the Property Tax Independence Act (PTIA),” suggesting that a future attempt at the bill will be more successful. PTIA was approved by the...

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