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Federal Regulators’ War on Toys Strangles Businesses

This month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposed new rules governing toy magnet sets, in response to seemingly rare accidents involving accidental ingestion of the products. Almost exclusively marketed to adults, such products contain small magnetic objects intended to be used as puzzles, sculpture building sets, and stress relievers. First spurring the regulatory agency into action in 2012, 100 cases of children eating the magnet were reported to the CPSC between 2009 and...

Study: World's Economic Freedom Ascends, as U.S. Freedom Falls

An annual study conducted by an international group of non-partisan think-tanks found, shockingly, that the United States, once rated as the third most economically free nation in the world, is now little more free than the United Kingdom and other big-government European nations.  Each year, the Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report is released by the Canadian free-market think-tank Fraser Institute, the Cato Institute, and the international Economic Freedom Network.  Compiling...

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