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South Carolina Board Reverses Statewide Uber Ban

In late January, a South Carolina quasi-judicial regulatory board reversed its earlier statewide ban on Uber, one of several popular transportation network companies operating in the state. On January 15, the state’s Public Service Commission ordered the ridesharing company to cease and desist all business activity in the state. Two weeks later, on January 29, the board reversed its ban and granted Uber a temporary license to operate. The temporary license expires June 30. The initial cease-and...

Millennials Must Recognize Need for Public Pension System Reform

After the midterm election results, there has been much talk about the young people who didn’t turn out to vote. There are around 8 million millennials, people ages 18-to-35, in California. And the conventional wisdom has been, that since they helped elect President Obama twice, they’ll continue to help elect Democrats. Although public pension reform needs to eliminate unfunded liabilities placed on future generations, millennials won’t be the only losers if our elected officials do not have...

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