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Suburbs, Not Urban Areas, Drive Cities’ Growth

The massive exodus of people from rural areas to urban areas over the past 200 years has been called the “great urbanization.” For two centuries, people have been leaving rural areas to live in cities. However, most of this growth has not taken place close to city centers, but rather on or beyond the urban fringe, in the suburbs and exurbs. The preponderance of suburban growth is evident in high-income metropolitan areas around the world. For decades, nearly all growth in nearly all cities has...

FCC Votes to Increase E-rate Telecom Taxes

In mid-December, the Federal Communications Commission voted to hike fees on consumers’ wireless services, subsidizing the cost of Internet connectivity for public libraries and school. Created in 1996 as part of the Telecommunications Act, the E-rate program receives $2.25 billion annually in consumers’ money, through the Universal Service Fund, a line-item fee tacked upon to the bills of consumers’ wireless devices. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed a 62 percent increase, increasing the size...

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