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The Changing Nature of State-Federal Relations in Transportation

(Editor’s note: Excerpted from remarks by Ken Orski at the Legislative/Fiscal Plenary Luncheon, Council of Governments’ Southern Legislative Conference, Little Rock, Arkansas, July 27. On July 31, Congress approved a $10.8 billion 10-month "patch" to the Highway Trust Fund, thus averting what could have become significant delays in state reimbursements during the height of the construction season.) ...What will happen after next May is anybody’s guess. A six-year surface transportation...

Job Announcements Don’t Equal Job Gains

The campaign season has been filled with claims from candidates that they will create jobs. A common strategy is to target a business or an industry for special state support and to claim credit whenever jobs are added by companies receiving support. A quick look at the job creation and loss figures for the economy as a whole shows this approach is not a workable one. There is a surprising amount of job creation and loss in the economy. Michigan added 214,000 jobs and lost 194,000 jobs in the...

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