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Father’s Day, NBA Game 7 Cost Cook County Taxpayers

For the second time in two months, the Cook County Department of Corrections had to lock down inmates because of a mass guard call-off. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office said 317 guards took off the Father’s Day shift off on Sunday, June 19. This came on the heels of the 464 call-offs on Mother’s Day, which led to a 24-hour lockdown. Cara Smith, Cook County Sheriff’s Office chief of policy and communications, said there are roughly five times a year when guards call off in such high numbers that...

Mississippi Pension System Loses Money On Investments

A report by the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi shows the state’s pension fund lost money in the past year, which could further damage PERS’s already weakened bottom line. According to the third quarter report, the fund has been hit with total losses of 0.47 percent so far this year, with the biggest hits coming in stocks. International equities lost 7.36 percent, global equities were off by 4.26 percent and U.S. equities lost 2.42 percent. Stocks...

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