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Missouri Lawmakers Approve Referendum to Pump Up Gas Tax

Lawmakers in Missouri’s state Senate approved a bill authorizing a November 2016 ballot question asking for an increase in the state’s gasoline excise tax. If the state House of Representatives passes the bill, voters will be asked to approve an increase in the state’s gasoline tax by about 6 cents per gallon, from 17.3 cents per gallon to 22.9 cents. Approval from Gov. Jay Nixon (D) is not required to place the question on the ballot. ‘Imperfect Relationship’ with Road Use Joseph Miller, a...

Illinois: Who’s Afraid of Consolidation?

Illinois has nearly 7,000 units of local government. That’s the highest count of any state in the nation, and the runner-up is not even close. One of those units of government is the Naperville Township Road District, where seven employees maintain less than 20 miles of road at a cost of $116,000 per mile. City officials have said they could maintain the same distance at half the cost, and have moved to take over the road district’s duties on behalf of local taxpayers. But the final decision on...

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