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Wisconsin Supreme Court Shuts Down ‘John Doe’ Probe

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to end his office’s aggressive “John Doe” investigation into political advocacy groups, calling the series of probes “unsupported in either reason or law” and a “fishing expedition into the lives, work, and thoughts of countless citizens.” Beginning in 2012, Chisholm and other prosecutors began seeking evidence of illegal political coordination between Wisconsin conservative organizations and Gov. Scott Walker...

City of Chicago Hits Taxpayers with New ‘Netflix Tax’

The City of Chicago is expanding an existing excise tax on movie and theater tickets to include streaming online video and music services, such as Netflix and Spotify, in order to generate additional revenue. Steven Titch, a telecommunications policy analyst with the R Street Institute, says Chicago’s expansion of the tax is arbitrary and “an incredible overreach.” Undefined Terms “Chicago made the announcement that startups would be exempt from collecting the tax,” Titch said. “Well, that...

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