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Oregon Lawmaker Proposes Licensing Regulations for Music Therapists

In Oregon, legislators are debating a bill adding state licensing requirements for music therapists. If passed into law, House Bill 2796, introduced by State Rep. Julie Parrish (R-West Linn), would make it so “a person may not practice music therapy or assume or use any title, words or abbreviations, including the title or designation ‘music therapist,’ that indicate that the person is authorized to practice music therapy unless the person is licensed” by a newly created Board of Music Therapy...

Report: States Bet on Medicaid Loophole to Boost Revenue

A new study published by the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions examines how some states, including Ohio, are trying to scam the federal government and make Medicaid expansion look like a winner, financially speaking. The report, “Medicaid Expansion Relies on Uncertain Funding,” explains how claims of Medicaid expansion’s budgetary benefits are based on applying sales and use taxes to Medicaid managed-care organization premiums. Pennsylvania, one state using such a scheme to boost...

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