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Obamacare Is More Unpopular than Ever

Consumer Power Report #431 The latest poll numbers are in for Obamacare, and they are worse than ever. Turns out the more people are exposed to the law, the less they like it. And more and more people are saying they are directly hurt, not helped, by the law. The latest numbers from the Kaiser Family Foundation: Kaiser Family Foundation, which has done arguably the best and most consistent polling on the health-care law in the past four-plus years, found that public opinion on the law sank to a...

CBO Is Playing with Obamacare’s Numbers Again

Consumer Power Report #430 One of the ongoing debates about policy formation in Washington that has become far more prominent since the passage of Obamacare is the role of the Congressional Budget Office and the weight given its estimates and predictions for the ramifications of legislation. CBO always has been at the center of a debate about how much we should trust these estimates and how much legislators should rely on them in crafting policy. The larger the legislation, the more moving...

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