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Big Health Care Mergers Being Fueled by Obamacare Cash

Supersized health care companies, flush on Obamacare money, are in a merger frenzy as health insurers, hospitals and drug companies bulk up to take advantage of government spending in Obamacare exchanges, state Medicaid programs and Medicare Advantage for the baby boomers, says The Los Angeles Times. The latest billion-dollar deal occurred last week when Medicaid insurer Centene Corp. bought Woodland Hills insurer Health Net Inc. for $6.8 billion. And more billion-dollar deals are predicted as...

Small Businesses Face Obscure Obamacare Penalty

Businesses that reimburse their employees for health care costs may face large Internal Revenue Service (IRS) penalties even though they may be unaware of the risks. Before Obamacare -- with its mandate that all Americans purchase insurance and requirement for businesses to offer employees insurance plans -- was passed, many small companies provided coverage by directly reimbursing medical costs or for the cost of private insurance plans. They do this because it’s less complicated than dealing...

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