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REGROW Act Would Require FDA to Fast-Track Regenerative Meds

Bipartisan legislation introduced in the U.S. House and Senate would require the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lower some government barriers to patient access to regenerative medicines for debilitating diseases, wounds, and conditions. The REGROW Act would “reduce barriers to medical innovation and accelerate the development of new regenerative medicine treatments, which have the potential to restore or establish normal function in damaged human cells, tissues and organs,”...

Missouri CON Legislation Would Increase Restrictions

Missouri lawmakers are considering bills to study the effects of certificate of need (CON) laws through 2020 and, in the interim, close a loophole for state-operated hospitals, thereby increasing restrictions on health care providers. Senate Bill 1076, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Parson (R-Polk County), would create a Missouri Task Force on Certificate of Need to develop “a comprehensive proposal to reform existing certificate of need law,” in part by studying other states’ regulations of long...

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