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Surprise, Electronic Health Records Aren't Saving Money or Time

One of the things favored by supporters of government-directed medical care is electronic health records. For at least a decade I've been hearing about the supposedly marvelous benefits of storing health records in digital form, and the Obama administration and others have positively gushed about how much money and time will be saved, and how much the quality of care will improve. Reality has now intruded. EHRs Don't Save Money or Time, Docs Say Three-fourths of U.S. physicians who use...

Virginia Governor Scales Back Health Plans

RICHMOND, Va. — In a much-anticipated announcement, Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Sept. 8 laid out a ten-point plan to cover more low-income Virginians’ health needs. But to the disappointment of his most avid supporters who relied on his 2013 campaign pledge to expand Medicaid, the Democratic governor didn’t go so far as to expand the program unilaterally. McAuliffe had indicated previously he would do “whatever it takes” and hinted he would expand Medicaid through executive action. “As...

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