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Medicaid Reform Could Save Ohio $1 Billion

A proposed reform to Ohio’s Medicaid program could save the state $1 billion by requiring enrollees to contribute a few dollars a month to health savings accounts (HSAs) and to make copayments for some medical services. Under the proposed Healthy Ohio Program (HOP), Medicaid recipients would make mandatory monthly contributions of 2 percent of their income—or $99 a year, whichever is less—to a “Buckeye Account,” which is modeled after an HSA, according to a draft of the Healthy Ohio Program...

Study: Mass. Bill Would Raise Drug Costs, Make Companies Divulge Proprietary Info

Requiring Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical companies to disclose their pricing methodologies and proprietary information would discourage drug development and drive up health care costs, a new study by the Boston-based Pioneer Institute concludes. The Pioneer Institute published “Are Drug Prices Driving Healthcare Cost Growth?” on April 7 in anticipation of an April 11 hearing by the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Health Care Financing regarding Senate Bill 1048, titled “An Act to...

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