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South Carolina House Votes to End Certificate of Need Law

South Carolina’s House of Representatives voted 103‒1 in April to end the state’s certificate of need (CON) law in 2018. CON laws are a complex set of regulations that limit health care choices by preventing providers from entering new markets or increasing existing capacity without first gaining approval from state regulators to buy equipment, expand facilities, or open new ones. When a company applies to enter a new market, existing providers can use the CON process to block them, allowing a...

Obama Threatens to Pull Federal Funding from States Refusing Medicaid Expansion

“Expand Medicaid or else!” That’s the message the Obama administration sent to Florida, Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas. President Barack Obama has threatened to withdraw special funding to pay for hospitals and doctors for impoverished citizens if the states in question do not comply. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave officials in those states the same message: Expand Medicaid or risk losing federal funding for “uncompensated care pools,” Medicaid money that helps pay for health...

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