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Hospitals: The Big Box Health Care Store You Should Avoid

So-called Big Box retail stores are the dominant retail model when it comes to selling vast quantities of products at competitive prices. Discount stores like Walmart have grown to such size that Super Centers are now common in major metropolitan cities. Home Depot and Lowes reinvented the lumber yard and turned it into a big hardware store/home-center. Target reinvented the department store, while Sam’s Club and Costco sell food, electronics, clothing, furniture and pharmaceutical products...

How House Calls and Nurse-Practitioners Can Transform U.S. Health Care

Consumer Power Report #475 For much of America’s history a house call from a local physician was the standard way to obtain needed health services, but as the U.S. health care system became increasingly more complex – especially the way physicians get paid – behemoth service providers formed as a way to cut costs and use resources more efficiently. After decades of experimentation, skyrocketing health care costs, and intrusive government action, the house call is returning, along with other...

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