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Republicans Have Opportunities to Force Obamacare Changes

The 2014 election results will have an enormous impact numerous policy discussions, but none will feel as great an impact as Obamacare, which now faces new and unprecedented opposition and challenges. The likeliest such challenge is a real vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, achieved through the tricky reconciliation process. That process requires only 51 votes, and the president would undoubtedly veto such a bill. But forcing him to veto it is key for many conservative groups, who will...

The Gruber Truther Problem

Consumer Power Report #445 What a week this has been for Jonathan Gruber as a deluge of videos has illustrated his many public comments on the deceptions of Obamacare. Here’s an excellent supercut of the various comments from political supporters of Obamacare denying Gruber’s existence and relevance to the creation of Obamacare. Even as a handful of officials admit Gruber’s critical role in Obamacare’s framework and more, some on the left are still trying to deny his various manic and...

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