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Philadelphia Agency Sues Drugmaker

In a move that could have serious consequences for the prescription drug industry, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority filed a lawsuit alleging drug-maker Gilead Sciences is engaging in “price gouging” because some buyers of Sovaldi , a hepatitis C cure manufactured by Gilead, pay much less than what SEPTA and other U.S. buyers pay. A twelve-week treatment of Sovaldi typically costs $84,000. But charging different prices to different payers is a normal and beneficial practice...

States Struggle To Fund Exchanges

When the Affordable Care Act was first rolled out, the federal government awarded grants totaling $1.2 billion to assist the 14 states and Washington, DC to help them set up state-based health insurance exchanges. With much of the federal money for these programs having dried up and state exchanges required to be self-sufficient under the law, states are experiencing difficulty in paying the ongoing costs of the exchanges, especially small states. In Rhode Island the state has yet to even...

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