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Self-Regulating ‘Sharing Economy’ Connects Buyers and Sellers

Businesses such as Airbnb or Uber, which directly connect consumers and service providers without the need for middlemen, empower consumers and create a self-regulating economy, according to a recent study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. As consumers’ power grows in the “sharing economy,” the need for government consumer protection declines. The paper defines a sharing economy as “any marketplace that brings together distributed networks of individuals to share or exchange...

A Well-Written Overview of Governments’ Economic Misdeeds

The Impending Monetary Revolution, the Dollar and Gold, Second Edition By Edmund Contoski; American Liberty Publishers, November 2014 281 pages, ISBN-13 978-0-9655007-1-5 $28.95 on publisher’s website, The first edition of Edmund Contoski’s book The Impending Monetary Revolution, the Dollar and Gold was excellent, and it makes an outstanding textbook for a college economics course.  The second edition, released in November 2014, is even better. He has...

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