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CFTC Rulemaking Process Needs Greater Scrutiny, Transparency

Regulators, confident in their own virtue and ability, have typically seen little need to have anyone check their work. As a result, regulatory requirements are flowing out of agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission without the required public, judicial, and legislative oversight. As the government has expanded, Congress increasingly has regulated by delegation, leaving major policy decisions to regulatory agencies charged with implementing broad statutory mandates. Force of...

Swiss Bank Drops Out of IRS Tax Compliance Program

Reversing earlier moves taken this summer and fall, a major international bank is ending its cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service’s efforts to prevent investors from investing money in foreign countries with more amenable tax structures and policies, such as Ireland or Switzerland. During a Zurich speech, Barclays bank executive Francesco Grosoli announced that the firm’s Swiss operations had “recently exited the program,” after evaluating its legal options. Grosoli declined to reveal...

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