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Skipping Insurance Costs Lets Wisconsin Patients Pay Less for Better Care

A Wisconsin doctor promises to provide inexpensive, high quality health care 24 hours a day to patients by using a payment model known as direct primary care. Rather than pay for health care using a third-party health care insurer, direct primary care patients at the Platte Medical Center in Platteville, Wisconsin pay Dr. Brian Sachs a monthly fee in exchange for an agreed-upon package of services. ‘Incredibly Rewarding’ “The care you receive from a direct primary care physician is far above...

Bitcoin, Other Alt-Currencies Offer More Choices for Consumers

In just eight years, Bitcoin and the idea of “virtual currency” have gained acceptance and use both online and in the physical world. Spread by word of mouth and other “viral” means, decentralized virtual currencies have gone from a mere thought experiment to a tangible economic reality. Today, one can use Bitcoin or other currencies not backed by the U.S. government to buy physical goods and services and online services. Established companies, such as Dell, DISH Network, Microsoft, and Papa...

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