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Study: Housing Bubble, Rising Caused Consumer Retail Prices to Rise

A new study has uncovered evidence the 2000s housing bubble affected the U.S. economy in previously unsuspected ways, by causing consumer prices to rise and fall based on the rate of homeownership in any particular area. In “House Prices, Local Demand, and Retail Prices,” New York University Assistant Professor of Finance Johannes Stroebel and University of Chicago Assistant Professor of Economics Joseph Vavra found this unexpected connection between the two seemingly disparate sectors of the...

Study: ‘Sharing Economy’ Revolution Empowers Customers

Businesses such as Airbnb and Uber, which directly connect consumers and service providers without the need for middlemen, are empowering consumers and creating a self-regulating economy, a recent study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University has found. By allowing “underutilized assets or ‘dead capital’ to be put to more productive use,” the authors explain, the sharing economy improves “consumer welfare by offering new innovations, more choices, more service differentiation,...

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