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Federal Reserve Morphs from Central Bank to Central Planner

A common concern among critics of recent Federal Reserve policy is “the Fed” does not have an adequate exit strategy to shrink its balance sheet. Since the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, the value of its assets has risen nearly fivefold, from less than $900 billion to nearly $4.5 trillion. This ongoing quantitative easing appears to create a looming monetary overhang that could unleash very high inflation once the economy reaches full recovery. Measurements of the most liquid parts of the...

Seniors Dispersing Away From Urban Cores

Senior citizens (age 65 and over) are dispersing throughout major metropolitan areas, and specifically away from the urban cores. This is the opposite of the trend suggested by some planners and media sources who claim than seniors are moving to the urban cores. For example, one headline, "Millions of Seniors Moving Back to Big Cities" is at the top of a story with no data and anecdotes ranging that are at least as much suburban (Auburn Hills, in the Detroit area) and college towns (Oxford...

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