Budgets and Taxes

Budgets and Taxes

The Heartland Institute works with free market-oriented experts to discuss the good and bad of national, state and local government policies in the tax and spending arenas. Topics include income, sales and excise taxes, economic development, targeted tax incentives, government pension and health costs, and other influences on taxes and spending.

We favor policies that reduce the size and power of government and expand choice and freedom for citizens. We oppose government programs and tax regimes that favor some at the expense of others.

There are many approaches to achieving spending and tax reforms that would benefit businesses and individuals. These many ideas can be found here.

Click here to see The Heartland Institute's 2015 Welfare Reform Report Card, inclucing an interactive map to compare each state.

Click here to see The Heartland Institute essay In Defense of Smokers.


  • Welfare Reform

    Successful welfare reform can save lives and produce positive effects on multiple generations. It can save taxpayers billions of dollars and help address such serious social maladies as crime, alcoholism, and teenage pregnancy. And it can demonstrate that government programs can be successfully devolved from the national government to states. Most state governments can improve the effectiveness of their efforts to help those in poverty. This 50-state report card offers policymakers and the public a roadmap for how it can be done.
  • Electronic Cigarettes

    Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” have quickly become one of the most popular nicotine replacement products and a key building block in tobacco harm reduction strategies. Bloomberg Industries estimates e-cigarette are a $2.3 billion industry in the United States. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and nothing is combusted. There is wide agreement in the public health field that the chemicals in smoke – not the nicotine – cause death and disease.
  • Entitlement Reform

    Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Peter Ferrara writes a series of Heartland Policy Briefs on entitlement reform.