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We Need a Constitutional Convention, Part 2

In the same way that EPA has extended its control over water—and even land—under clean water laws (See Part 1), it has exceeded Constitutional authority and the intent of Congress under the Clean Air Acts.  Once again, it has caused an enormous waste of billions of taxpayer dollars on government itself—and costs approaching a trillion dollars for compliance in the private sector.  All this with measures that have little benefit—and often negative consequences—to the environment...

Obama Designates Three New National Monuments

Over the objections of many local, state and federal legislators from the affected areas, in early July, President Barack Obama designated new national monuments in California, Nevada and Texas.  The designation of more than 1,000,000 acres of public lands as national monuments, foreclosed previously allowed commercial and recreational activities those lands, leading some Republicans and local officials to accuse Obama of a backdoor land grab ignoring the interests of local residents....

Federal District Court Blocks Obama Water Rule

A federal judge in North Dakota issued a ruling blocking the Obama administration’s controversial Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, hours before it was due to take effect on August 28. Judge Ralph Erickson of the District Court for the District of North Dakota found the 13 states suing to block the rule met the conditions necessary for a preliminary injunction. Those conditions include a high likelihood the states would be harmed if the court doesn’t act and that the states are likely...

Latest News in Lawsuit Abuse

  • Lite Drinkers

    Beer drinkers from three different states are hoping to collect some drinking money by suing Anheuser-Busch
  • Tank Battle

    Immediately after discovering the body of Canadian tourist Elisa Lam in the hotel roof’s water tank, fire o
  • What Goes Around ...

    Former Lodi, California mayor James McCarty, 86, and his brother, Robert, 78, have sued Lodi attorney Russe
  • Animal Rights Wrongs

    Ten years ago the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sued Ringling Bros.–Barnum & Bailey circus for alleged mistreatment of its elephants.
  • Jail Money

    Lawsuits filed by inmates in Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail – most of them frivolous – have cost the city more than $111 million over the past five years.
  • Dog-Faced

    If you go to a baseball game, you assume the risk of getting struck by a baseball – but you don’t assume the risk of getting hit with a hot dog.
  • A Growing Problem

    A Florida couple is being threatened with prosecution for violating the Orlando city code by planting a 25-by-25-foot garden in their front yard.
  • No Kidding Her

    An Ohio teacher is suing her school district for discrimination after they reassigned her from a high school to a junior high school and pressed her to resign.
  • Gold Finger

    An upstate New York man “gave the finger” to a cop using a radar gun and now may get paid for it.
  • Transparent Fraud

    A jury award in West Virginia will require two lawyers and a doctor to pay CSX Rail $429,240 for racketeering and fraud in the reading of x-rays in asbestos cases.
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