Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin passed away on February 5, 2013. The Heartland Institute's page in tribute to her... (read full bio)
  • Flight Risk

    The family of a teenager who stowed away in the wheel well of a Boeing 737 jet at an airport in Charlotte, North Carolina and fell to this death after the plane took off is suing the city, it
  • Disorder in the Court

    A Michigan state trial court judge previously censured by the Michigan Supreme Court for sending a “nearly naked” photograph of himself to a sheriff’s department employee is under investigati
  • Wet Work

    The mother of an Oklahoma toddler may be fined $2,500 because the toddler urinated outdoors while playing in his front yard.
  • Tour de Force

    Liability concerns led the Sheboygan County Humane Society to refuse an unscheduled guided tour of the shelter for a group of disabled children and their caregivers.
  • Sentenced to Time Served

    A Canton, Ohio driver whose car struck a police officer while the officer was directing traffic was sentenced to a year’s probation and ordered to cook Thanksgiving dinner for three police officers
  • Do Ask, Don’t Tell

    An employee at a New York state company involved in a union decertification vote wrote “vulgar, offensive,
  • Bat Man Beyond

    A West Virginia lawyer who beat up his client with a baseball bat, and even continued to beat the client as
  • Welcome Parents--The Line for Pat-Downs Starts Here

    Parents of schoolchildren in a Massachusetts school district are invited to attend the third grade’s Thanks
  • Trans-Gender Bias

    Evergreen State College says it would be sued for discrimination if it refuses to allow a man to wander aro
  • What Iran and New Jersey Have in Common

    Residents of certain states banning payment of an entry fee, or other payments, for participation in a game
  • Legal House of Horrors

    A girl who became frightened and fell down during a tour through a southern Illinois haunted house on Hallo
  • Escaping Consequences

    The captain of an Italian cruise ship that hit a rock and sank in January, killing 32 passengers, was fired
  • Insane, and Reelected

    A Cook County Circuit Court judge retained her $182,000-a-year job in Tuesday’s election even while mountin
  • Second Shooter

    An alleged burglar who broke into the home of a 90-year-old California man and shot him in the head is now
  • Shaking the Foundations of Science

    An Italian judge has found seven Italian seismologists and geologists guilty of multiple manslaughter for f
  • Defense Mechanism

    A judge has appointed a lawyer to defend a Georgia pit bull on death row after the dog savagely attacked a yo
  • Suits Him

    Yuba City, California has agreed to pay $15,000 to a serial filer of lawsuits under t
  • Flower Power

    A threat of a lawsuit has caused a Connecticut homeowner to refuse to host any more tours of her garden to
  • Marriage Ows

    A Pennsylvania man’s bachelor party took a bad turn when the would-be-groom was invited up on the stage of
  • Dove Affair

    A Texas white-winged dove--a coveted type of wild game bird-- flew into the side of a Texas man’s house rec
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