Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin passed away on February 5, 2013. The Heartland Institute's page in tribute to her... (read full bio)
  • They Love to Go a-Wandering (Knapsack Optional)

    It’s official. Nude hiking in northeastern Switzerland is illegal.
  • Open Secrets

    Postings on Facebook are not private, and they are fair game for disclosure in court cases. Lawyers have known this for years, but their clients are just finding out--the hard way.
  • Turkey Torts

    Jonathan Turley, legal blogger and law professor at The George Washington University School of Law, celebrates Thanksgiving every year with “Turkey Torts.” These are Thanksgiving-related lawsuit
  • Let’s Do It Again

    Six years after the wedding, three years after the couple separated, and a year after their divorce became
  • That’s One Healthy Breakfast

    A Manhattan lawyer is suing the health club he joined because it promised joiners a “full complimentary bre
  • Thorough Investigation

    A Nigerian comedian was imprisoned for three weeks after an airport body scanner indicated he had drugs in
  • Speech Impediment

    It soon may be a crime in Massachusetts to “bully” a coworker. The proposed law would criminalize workplace conduct including:
  • “Shut Up,” They Explained

    Don’t call your school administrators “douchebags.” Or, if you do, don’t try to sue them when they try to shu
  • Faith of Our Fathers?

    A suburban Chicago school district may pay $75,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • No More Teacher’s Dirty Tricks

    A Halloween prank run amok at a Massachusetts school caused a 15-year-old student to break his kneecap. He may sue the school district for damages.
  • Honk If You Love Litigation

    Charges against a Washington state woman for illegally honking her car horn have been dropped after the state supreme court ruled the horn-honking law unconstitut
  • Stupid Lawsuit Tricks

    SeaWorld has been sued by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for violating the U.S. Constitution by enslaving killer whales.
  • The Donkey Got Prettier at Closing Time

    A Zimbabwe man is in legal trouble for having sex with a donkey tied to a tree.
  • Divorce on the Rocks

    Comedian Rob Delaney has announced he’s suing Kim Kardashian because she’s getting divorced from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries.
  • Motel Nix

    Once every four years in the past 20 years, persons staying at a family-owned motel in Massachusetts have been arrested for one kind of crime or another.
  • Legal Beagles

    Technically, this item isn’t about lawsuit abuse, but it may go a long way toward explaining why it exists.
  • Trailer Narc

    A Michigan woman is suing the distributors of the film Drive because there wasn’t very much driving in it.
  • Tricks of the Trade

    Hooters restaurant chain is suing the owner of the Twin Peaks chain for stealing trade secrets.
  • Emotional Turbulence

    Continental Airlines is being sued by a passenger complaining tornados and thunderstorms made her flight turbulent.
  • Punishment on Loan from Rush

    A Texas woman says she was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment after her arrest by being forced to listen to talk-show host Rush Limbaugh in the squad car.<
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