Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin passed away on February 5, 2013. The Heartland Institute's page in tribute to her... (read full bio)
  • Sure Plays a Mean Pinball

    A self-described “pinball wizard” has filed a total of 11 complaints against the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas stemming from a single incident at the pinball
  • Please Remit. Love, Mom

    A British Columbia man is being sued for support by the mother who abandoned him as a teenager. The suit has dragged on for 11 years.
  • Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

    A Nebraska school has rejected a Parent-Teacher Organization’s offer to donate and install a small waterfall as part of new landscaping at the school.
  • To Serve (Food and Drinks) and Protect (from Attacks by Fake Ninjas)

    A Long Island catering hall has no duty to protect patrons from a surprise attack at a Halloween party by a man dressed as a ninja.
  • Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby ... Or Is It?

    A Brooklyn court has tossed out a case against a Long Island hospital where nurses temporarily and accidently switched newborn babies.
  • Stop Me Before I Drink More!

    An Idaho college student and her parents are suing a University of Idaho fraternity, her sorority, university officials, and others for failing to prevent her fro
  • Unsafe at Any Speed

    Police in Tennessee have warned the mother of a ten-year-old daughter the mother will face child neglect charges if she allows her daughter to continue to ride he
  • Nuts to You

    A Pennsylvania judge who has handed out thousands of hollowed-out acorns to people in or around his courtroom, each stuffed with an unwrapped condom, will not be
  • Porn Loser

    An inmate in the Macomb County jail (near Detroit) is suing the state for imposing cruel and unusual punishment because jail rules don’t allow him to have pornogr
  • Chain-Link Gang

    City officials in Alexandria, Virginia ordered a homeowner who illegally removed a chain-link fence in her front yard to put it back because it’s historic.
  • Reward and Punishment--Simultaneously

    Under Obamacare, one federal agency will be rewarding health care providers if they merge to form networks to coordinate patient care.
  • Fourth Circuit's Factual Error Throws Obamacare Decision in Doubt

    In a recent ruling that the Commonwealth of Virginia lacks standing to challenge the individual mandate provision of Obamacare, a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
  • They Snooze, Clients Lose

    In a classic case of lawyers protecting their own, a federal circuit court of appeals ruled recently a lawyer who takes a catnap in court isn’t “ineffective” unle
  • Rookie Mistake

    “After conquering Silicon Valley” during a 15-year high-tech career, a former software engineer went to law school and took a job with a big New York City firm.
  • Cooler Runnings

    An Australian court had to grapple with a weighty legal issue recently: Is a homemade motorized beer cooler a “motor vehicle?”
  • Organization Ban

    The Gould, Arkansas city council has banned a citizens group from “doing business” there and has further decreed “no new organizations shall be allowed to exist i
  • Olympic Spirit

    The Redneck Olympics was held early this month in Hebron, Maine for the 15th year in a row. But there may not be one next year.
  • Case Dismissed--Gladly

    A Kentucky circuit court judge was pretty happy when a case set to go to trial before him settled. How happy? Here’s what the judge wrote:
  • Bat Decision

    Warning labels are not enough, according to the Montana Supreme Court, which upheld a verdict by a pitcher against a manufacturer of aluminum baseball bats.
  • Government Bird Brains

    A Fredericksburg, Virginia mother faced a fine of $535 and up to a year in prison after her daughter rescued an orphaned woodpecker about to be devoured by the fa
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