Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin passed away on February 5, 2013. The Heartland Institute's page in tribute to her... (read full bio)
  • Lemonade Laws

    August 20, 2011, has been declared Lemonade Freedom Day by Robert Fernandes, a father outraged by city officials closing and/or suing children who run lemonade st
  • Cheer Down

    Federal constitutional lawsuits against two school districts by the parents of girls who failed to make their high school cheerleading squads were dismissed recen
  • The Long Menu of the Law

    The jury in a Virgin Islands murder trial gave the judge a set of demands to start off the trial: double the usual jury stipend and “a list of foods they deem necessary to survive.” The food demand
  • Lap Dance Tax Status

    Lap-dancing is not necessarily art, a New York state court ruled recently.
  • Coffee Clash

    A southern Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit because she says the coffee she bought tastes bad.
  • Disabled Law

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a classic example of the unintended consequences of Congressional good intentions.
  • In the Dark About Tanning Risks

    Artificial tanning--supposedly engaged in by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Princess Kate, and her sister Pippa Middleton--causes cancer, according to a lawsuit filed in Pennsyl
  • Bare Necessities

    Prison inmates have a constitutional right to view pornography, television, and video games, a lawsuit in Michigan alleges.
  • For the Birds

    A Michigan couple has sued, claiming local wild peacocks and wild turkeys are a neighborhood nuisance.
  • Workplace Dispute

    Under Australian law, employers are now required to compensate workers for injuries suffered while they are working at home.
  • Cuban v. Perot

    Ross Perot Jr.--yes, the son of that Ross Perot--owns 5 percent of the stock of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team; yes, that Dallas Mavericks team.
  • Emergency Management

    A jury in Philadelphia has awarded $21.4 million in damages to a man whose brain was damaged, allegedly as a result of care at the emergency room of a Philadelphia hospital.
  • Dorm Storm

    A Washington, DC law professor is threatening to sue Catholic University of America over the university’s plans to bring back single-sex dorms.
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime

    A Long Island woman is suing the maker of her bikini bathing suit because the metal underwire in the top got hot in the sun and burned her.
  • Fruit Punch

    Six Washington, DC-area youngsters were fined $500 recently for selling lemonade without a permit.
  • Two for Thai

    A New York man was trying to grab a package of frozen Vegan pad Thai with tofu while he and his wife were shopping in Trader Joe’s, when another shopper’s son, there with his mother, tried to block
  • Clip Joint

    A Maryland nail salon charges men $1 more than women for a manicure. Not only is this discriminatory, one man charges in his lawsuit against the salon, it’s also “humiliating!”
  • Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly #10-12

    A Detroit-based law firm requires its female employees to wear high-heeled shoes. That alone ought to be enough to make headlines.
  • Sling Shot

    A small company selling baby slings on the Internet has gone out of business after the U.S.
  • Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly #10-11

    Cops in the Los Angeles Police Department lead the nation in one important statistic.
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