Benefits of Child-Centered Funding

Benefits of Child-Centered Funding
December 1, 1997

Child-centered funding of education would produce the following benefits, according to Ohio State Treasurer J. Kenneth Blackwell:

Better Educated Children--through the creation of a learning culture and by greater parental participation.

Controlling Spending--because school districts receive financial support only when a child chooses to attend their school.

Meeting Needs--by allowing taxpayer funds to be directed to the individual needs of each child.

Providing Choice--empowering parents to direct the educational upbringing of their children by choosing their school.

Empowering Private-Practice Teachers--by providing teachers with the opportunity to start their own new schools.

Reforming Collective Bargaining--by reducing the influence of restrictive collective bargaining laws.

Use Tax Dollars Wisely--public school costs will decline as a result of competition and loss of monopoly status.