CSF Partner Cities

CSF Partner Cities
November 1, 1998

To date, 38 of 100 cities have been selected as partners by the Children's Scholarship Fund, with selection based on several factors, including local need, availability of matching funds, and capacity within the existing private and parochial schools.

Approximately half of the selected cities represent expansions of programs previously established or influenced by CEO America. The remaining half are new programs, which will be modeled after the Washington Scholarship Program, a CEO affiliate.

CSF’s 38 partner cities are:

Alabama - Birmingham

Arizona - Phoenix

Arkansas - statewide program

California - Los Angeles, San Francisco

Florida - Miami, Tampa Bay

Georgia - Atlanta, Savannah

Illinois - Chicago

Indiana - Indianapolis

Kansas - Kansas City (with Missouri)

Louisiana - Baton Rouge, New Orleans

Maryland - Baltimore

Massachusetts - Boston

Michigan - statewide program

Minnesota - Minneapolis

Mississippi - Jackson

Missouri - St. Louis, Kansas City (with Kansas)

Nebraska - Omaha

New Jersey - Newark, Jersey City/Elizabeth

New York - Buffalo, New York City

North Carolina - Charlotte

Ohio - Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo

Oregon - Portland

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

Tennessee - Chattanooga, Memphis

Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth

Washington - Seattle

Washington, D.C.