Top 30 Educational Web Sites

Top 30 Educational Web Sites
June 1, 2000

Here's a handy mini-guide to some of the best educational Web sites on the Internet. The selections contain a wealth of instructional information and activities for students, parents, and educators. Included are a lot of neat freebie sites that have tons of free items for parents and teachers. Many of the rated sites have excellent lesson plans, online curriculum, and free online reference materials. Have fun and happy surfing for your students!

Sponsor Website URL Description Free or Fee Ease of Use Overall Rating
For Children, Parents, and Teachers, Inc. student, parent, and teacher learning activities Free, some fee-based A A, Inc. one-stop source for excellent reference information Free, some items for purchase A+ A+
Classroom Connect nice classroom educational resources free A+ A+
Discovery Communications World Book online, lesson plans, links free, some items for purchase A A+ hodgepodge of many educational links Free B A
History Happens Excellent U.S. history resources Free A A
Houghton-Mifflin great K-8 resources and fun edugames free A+ A+
Lightspan Partnership, Inc comprehensive collection of subject resources Free A A+ comprehensive online curriculum K-6 Fee, some free resources A+ A+, LLC. math tips, tutorials, homework help Free, some fee services B+ A
Maui Office of Technology, University of Hawaii excellent online quiz software 25 free quizzes, fee for more A A
Microsoft Education online curriculum, lesson plans, excellent tutorials Free and some fee-based A+ A+
Phyllis DiBianco curriculum and lesson plans for K-12 teachers, parents and students. Free A A+
Riverdeep Interactive Learning Online curriculum, English, science, math Fee, some free A A+
South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium homework help page, safe websites for children free A+ A Networks Fun activities for the family Free A A
ZapMe! Corp. numerous educational resources free A A
For Parents and Teachers freebie items for parents and teachers free (look under Subjects heading) A+ A+
Creative Classroom Publishing, LLC nifty teacher tips and strategies Free A A
FamilyEducation Network nice parent's site for educational resources Free B+ A
Free Things for Educators great collection of freebies for teachers Free A A+, Inc. online grades, administrative software Fee A A
South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium neat online tools for educators free A A
Classroom Connect (Connected University) excellent online staff development Fee A+ A+, Corporation researching, comparing and purchasing products and services online Free A A
Extra Credit For Schools, Inc. Fundraiser for schools using consumer purchases Free A+ A+
SchoolPop, Inc. Fundraiser for schools using consumer purchases Free A+ A+
Shopforschool Fundraiser for schools using consumer purchases Free A+ A+
Strohl Systems Group, Inc. school safety plans and crisis response plans Fee A A
WebEd, Inc. Professional staff development Fee B

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