Bush Education Advisors

Bush Education Advisors
February 1, 2001

In addition to nominating Houston Schools Superintendent Roderick Paige as
Secretary of Education in his new administration, President George W. Bush named
a 31-member education advisory panel to function during the transition period. The
advisory board includes educators, researchers, government officials, community
leaders, and business leaders. Several are outspoken advocates of school choice;
others have expressed concerns about the quality of U.S. math and science
education; and some are fierce critics of how the present governance system for the
public schools ill-serves poor and minority families.

Key among them is Florida's Lt. Governor Frank Brogan, who helped craft the
Bush-Brogan A-Plus education plan with Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The A-Plus
program provides vouchers to children who attend chronically low-performing

Also notable is Bush's selection of several panel members whose work focuses on
the early acquisition of reading skills, including Sharon Darling, Reid Lyon, Phyllis
Hunter, and Susan Neuman. Creating voucher options and improving early reading
achievement are high priorities for the new President.

Bush named to his education panel:

Williamson M. Evers, Hoover Institution

Lamar Alexander, Former Governor of Tennessee, Former Secretary of Education

Norman R. Augustine, Lockheed-Martin

Keith Bailey, Williams Companies

Frank Brogan, Lieutenant Governor of Florida

John Chambers, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Sharon Darling, National Center for Family Literacy

Chester Finn, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation

Floyd Flake, Edison Charter Schools

Howard Fuller, Institute for the Transformation of Learning

Lisa Graham Keegan, Arizona Department of Education

Eugene Hickok, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Phyllis Hunter, Texas Reading Initiative

Robert King, State University of New York

Reid Lyon, Child Development Branch - National Institute of Child Health and
Human Development

Mitch Maidique, Florida International University

Bruno Manno, Annie E. Casey Foundation

John McKernan, Former Governor of Maine

Charles Miller, Meridian Advisors, Ltd.

Darla Moore, Rainwater, Inc.

Lynne Munson, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy

Diana S. Natalicio, University of Texas - El Paso

Susan Neuman, Center for Improvement of Early Reading Achievement, University
of Michigan

Hugh B. Price, National Urban League

Diane Ravitch, New York University

Ed Rust, State Farm Insurance

Ted Sanders, Education Commission of the States

Andrew Sorenson, University of Alabama

Paul Vallas, Chicago Public Schools

Maris Vinovskis, University of Michigan

Mark Yudof, University of Minnesota