Tennessee Voucher Squabbles, Florida Parent Trigger, and More: Thursday's Ed News Roundup

Tennessee Voucher Squabbles, Florida Parent Trigger, and More: Thursday's Ed News Roundup
April 3, 2013

Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann (jpullmann@heartland.org) is a research fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)

Thursday's ed news

Republican squabbling could take down Tennessee's vouchers attempt. 

Wisconsin legislators talk school choice proposals behind closed doors.

New Jersey parents join nationwide protests against standardized testing.

Florida parents swarmed the capitol yesterday. A vote on Florida's Parent Trigger bill is set for today.

Why teachers cheating on tests doesn't mean we should eliminate the tests. 

An update on how many millions taxpayers are saving from Wisconsin's collective bargaining reforms.

A California committee passes a bill to streamline dismissals for abusive teachers

Why Common Core is No Child Left Behind II.

Missouri's legislature passes a bill to allow, for the first time, brand new charter schools. The North Carolina Senate approves greater freedom for charter schools.

Chinese students flood U.S. master's degree programs.


Wednesday's ed news

Now the feds are directly overseeing what goes on Common Core tests

Alabama's bid to withdraw from Common Core morphs into a bill securing student data privacy.

An Alaska education tax credit bill would discount local property taxes if municipalities choose.

Why Iowa's proposed anti-bullying law will bully student speech and impossibly expand schools' duties

Here's a rebuttal to what a Florida lawmaker believes about the invasive student data tracking bill he is sponsoring.

Texas's education commissioner will reorient the state's system of school grades to an A-F scale

A Delaware bill would have school boards audio record and publicly post their meetings

Want some good news about education? Check out what has happened in New York.


Tuesday's ed news

An Atlanta grand jury charges 35 teachers and administrators with cheating on their students' tests.

Diane Ravitch's claims about voucher programs discredit her rather than vouchers. 

Confessed bomber Bill Ayers is now a visiting scholar at a tax-funded public Minnesota university.

Wisconsin lawmakers propose education tax credits for families who send their kids to private school.

In Florida, parents outside the establishment parent groups plan a rally for school choice.

Mississippi lawmakers pass several education bills, including a preschool program, allowing charter schools, and grading schools A-F. 

A new report ranks Utah No. 1 for online learning

Why the New York Times is wrong in saying kids can just Google facts and no longer need to learn them. 

More time in school helps poor kids.

What schools can learn from India about merit pay for teachers.


Happy April Fool's Day!

1. The Georgia House votes to expand tax-credit scholarships and increase transparency.

2. The Indiana Supreme Court's voucher decision may mark a turning point towards the day education counts more than bureaucracies. 

3. Catholic schools in Florida gain enrollment, bucking a national trend. 

4. We should measure students by performance and motivation, not knowledge, says Thomas Friedman.

5. Homeschool families seek better legislation in Texas, where 300,000 students are homeschooled. 

6. How fuzzy math reduces math skills and switches point of math into "diversity." 

7. As states furiously add student test performance to teacher evaluations, nearly all teachers still rate "effective."

8. A group recommends a common application and process for K-12 charter and traditional schools in Philadelphia. 

9. Why a real college education can't be had online.

10. The Idaho Senate passes a bill to give charter schools equal access to facilities money.


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Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann (jpullmann@heartland.org) is a research fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)