Parent Trigger Update, NY Common Core Tests, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup

Parent Trigger Update, NY Common Core Tests, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup
August 8, 2013

Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann ( is a research fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)

Friday's ed news

CALIFORNIA: A short history of the Parent Trigger saga

PENNSYLVANIA: The city's struggling schools may delay opening even further for lack of money despite laying off all support staff. 

E-RATE: Here's a primer on the program increasing phone taxes to fund Common Core tests. 

UTAH: Why a state lawmaker wants to end compulsory education.

WISCONSIN: How many in-state content experts actually had a change to review Common Core

WISCONSIN: Restraints on unions allow a district to offer the best teachers more money

COLORADO: Denver schools turn extra land into farms to supply their cafeterias

PENNSYLVANIA: School districts struggle to keep up with special education spending

NEW YORK: What's wrong with the state's new Common Core math tests?


Thursday's ed news

FEDS: The Obama administration decides it can directly administrate school districts through a No Child Left Behind waiver to eight California districts. 

NCLB: Steady test score gains for black and Hispanic students have come to a virtual standstill.

NORTH CAROLINA: A charter school boom shifts the education landscape. 

NEW YORK: Kids fail the new Common Core-aligned tests in high numbers. 

SPENDING: A survey finds states can't afford to implement Common Core

FLORIDA: The state's online school cuts 177 jobs after the legislature cut program funding. 

LOS ANGELES: A new middle school arrives, aiming to cultivate entrepreneurs

WYOMING: The state becomes a voting member for Common Core tests

CHOICE: Vouchers are becoming obsolete in favor of education savings accounts and tax credits. 

AI: How computers grade essays


Tuesday's ed news

LOUISIANA: Almost three times as many students apply for vouchers this year over last year. 

GEORGIA: A comparison of state standards to Common Core finds the latter deficient. 

SCHOOL CHOICE: Thirteen states created or expanded private school choice in 2013.

TENNESSEE: Yet another study finds state preschool does not benefit children academically. Researchers retreat to potential "behavior gains" to justify the program. 

KANSAS: A Georgia Democrat visits the state to tout school vouchers

SPENDING: The nation's pensions and healthcare crises pit retirees against children. 

SPECIAL NEEDS: The nation's special education policies are broken and need discussion, a school lawyer says. She says they lead to extravagant, useless spending and damage non- special-needs kids. 

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Traditional schools improve when charter schools show up nearby, a new study finds. 


Monday's ed news

FLORIDA: Lawmakers reduce funding for online education and can't figure why fewer students are enrolling. 

VIRGINIA: Gov. McDonnell holds a K-12 summit today

IOWA: The law allows officials to conceal school cheating investigations.

SOUTH KOREA: The nation's top teacher earns $4 million a year

SAT and ACT: How the two biggest college entrance exams are changing, and why

LOUISIANA: Gov. Bobby Jindal talks about Common Core but doesn't say much.

LOS ANGELES: A judge rules teacher evaluations are public records

TEACHING: Complaints a certain lesson is "developmentally inappropriate" are usually wrong

COLORADO: Teachers are anxious as a new evaluation system kicks in

CALIFORNIA: "Holistic" college applications are confusing, unfair, and subjective, says an app reader. 


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Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann ( is a research fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)