MS Choice Advances, FL Military Families Want Charter, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup

MS Choice Advances, FL Military Families Want Charter, and More: Friday's Ed News Roundup
February 14, 2014

Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann is a research fellow on education policy for The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)

Friday's ed news

MISSISSIPPI: The Senate and House approve education savings accounts for disabled kids

CHOICE: In eight states, parents can be jailed for pretending they live in a better school district to help their child,

FLORIDA: Despite a denial, military families still seek a base charter school for their kids.

ARROGANCE: Why people setting education policy must be humble.

TECH: Spraying computers into schools will not necessarily improve student achievement. 

POLICY: Why long-time teachers should be far more involved in setting education policy. 

PENNSYLVANIA: Disadvantaged children can hurt the achievement of others in their classrooms, a study finds. 


Thursday's ed news

ARIZONA: The state superintendent is under fire for informing parents of their education options.

CALIFORNIA: The state leads the country in charter school growth, and charter enrollment is up 7 percent nationwide. 

TESTING CONFUSION: Here's an explanation of the mess of tests kids have to take this spring as Common Core phases in. 

WISCONSIN: A union local tries to re-enroll all teachers in automatic dues deduction, but so far only 62 of 1,500 teachers want that. 

COLORADO: Parents and charter schools rally around a bill to reconsider Common Core and postpone its tests a year

NEW YORK: Students with disabilities may soon take easier tests than their peers. 

NORTH CAROLINA: A school board votes unanimously to reject a new state law that phases out teacher tenure


Wednesday's ed news

ARIZONA: A House panel has approved expanding education savings accounts to lower-income children.

NEW YORK: In the face of public outcry, the Board of Regents has granted public schools five more years to phase in Common Core and will delay test-tied consequences for teachers by two years. Is it a total farce?

CALIFORNIA: Unions protesting a lawsuit that says state tenure laws hurt especially poor and minority kids have no case.

INDIANA: A survey discovers why parents choose voucher schools. Sixty-two percent were seeking better academics, the top-ranked reason, and 57 percent wanted moral instruction, the second-highest reason families chose vouchers.

E-DAYS: Forget snow days. Some Ohio kids keep up with school at home when the snow is too high, using online learning.

CHOICE STRUCTURE: Why it’s more important to worry about making more good schools than guarding against bad schools.

WISCONSIN: Lawmakers continue to throw out ideas over what data and testing to require of private voucher schools.

TENNESSEE: Unions there are joining what’s becoming a nationwide protest against new teacher evaluations they previously signed onto.

NEW JERSEY: Education commissioner Chris Cerf is stepping down to join education tech company Amplify. 


Tuesday's ed news

LOUISIANA: The feds and state are close to a final agreement on how much data the feds get about voucher applicants. It’s a lot.

GEORGIA: Common Core opponents muster a better rally than supporters.

ALASKA: A proposal to allow vouchers moves one step closer to a public ballot.

THE FUTURE: How education innovation means state tests are almost outmoded.

PENNSYLVANIA: Gov. Corbett tries out his own version of Race to the Top competitive education grants.

THE SEXES: What does the research say about single-sex schools?


Monday's ed news

GEORGIA: A state representative wants to almost double the size of the state's tax-credit scholarship.

UTAH: The country’s second anti-Common Core lawsuit has been filed.

CHARTERS: Test results of charter school students are rising faster than four years ago.

SOUTH CAROLINA: State costs for Common Core tests are out, and they jack up the price from previous estimates. 

UTAH and IOWA: Lawmakers debate whether small children belong at home or in government preschool. Iowans debate whether to spend more on preschool

IDAHO: A student data privacy bill has hit the Senate.

MONEY:  An analysis of the latest national test scores shows that more money does not increase student achievement.

INDIANA: The state sets panels to evaluate and reconsider Common Core

SOUTH CAROLINA: Gov. Nikki Haley misses an opportunity to really improve education by introducing school choice

ARIZONA: Gov. Brewer wants to charge school districts and charter schools $15 per student to get them broadband


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Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann is a research fellow on education policy for The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)