Oklahoma Drops Common Core, and More: Friday's ed news

Oklahoma Drops Common Core, and More: Friday's ed news
June 6, 2014

Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann is a research fellow on education policy for The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)

Friday's ed news

OKLAHOMA: Gov. Mary Fallin signs a bill to repeal and replace Common Core

CHOICE: Both public and private schools would improve if there were real competition in education.

KANSAS: The state board of education has moved to let schools hire teachers who have expertise in their subject but not a teaching credential. 

WISCONSIN: The Madison school district can now hire the best teacher for the job, thanks to curbs on union bargaining. 

NEW YORK: Jurors will consider a challenge to a local cyberbullying law that outlaw mean comments. 

VIRGINIA: The University of Virginia law school accidentally sends out personal student information over email. 


Thursday's ed news

SOUTH CAROLINA: Gov. Nikki Haley signs a bill to replace Common Core

FEDS: The Obama administration wages a war on vouchers in Louisiana and Wisconsin.

WYOMING: Some scientists push the state to adopt science-lite nationa curriculum mandates

NEW YORK: Twenty-one anti-Common Core school board leaders were elected this week in Long Island. 

MINNESOTA: A high school student builds 3D printers during his lunch breaks. 

NORTH CAROLINA: The Senate passes a bill to replace Common Core, shortly after the House did the same. 

NEW MEXICO: State officials are scrutinizing cronyism in education contracting after a top official was caught sending tax money to her company. 

NEW YORK: Despite the new New York City chancellor's wishes, schools should continue to offer programs for gifted students, says Rick Hess. 

HIGHER ED: Colleges are now feeling the pain of their own progressivism.


Wednesday's ed news

FLORIDA: The state's school choice program offers a young man an opportunity to dramatically turn his life around. 

ILLINOIS: Federal investigators say a Chicago-area charter school chain defrauded investors and made crony contracts. 

CHOICE: School choice laws sometimes create extra bureaucracy and costs for private schools

EDTECH: President Obama promised schools $1 billion in tech donations from companies. Where is it?

CALIFORNIA: Unions try to fend off a reform-minded Democratic candidate for state superintendent

STUDENT LOANS: A federal hearing today on the student loan crisis will largely ignore the government's lead role in that crisis.


Tuesday's ed news

WISCONSIN: Charter schools outperform district schools in Milwaukee. 

CALIFORNIA: Why a lawsuit to get poor kids better teachers is a bad idea. 

NEW YORK: Sixth graders want to be paid for being forced to take a Common Core test that doesn't benefit them. 

PENSIONS: Most teachers receive less in pension benefits than they paid in. 

HANDWRITING: Writing by hand helps you learn better, studies say


Monday's ed news

ALABAMA: A judge rules that kids zoned into failing schools cannot leave for better schools using vouchers

ARIZONA: The state will drop national Common Core tests.

OKLAHOMA: Gov. Mary Fallin must decide this week whether to sign a bill dropping Common Core national curriculum mandates. 

SCHOOL LUNCH: Why Michelle Obama’s new school lunch rules have become a fiasco.

MISSOURI: The governor says he will veto a bill that would, among other things, let kids trapped in St. Louis's unaccredited schools take their education money to non-religious private schools. 

CHOICE: School choice laws significantly increase regulations on private schools, a new report finds. 

COLORADO: The state Supreme Court hears the first oral arguments in a case against the nation's first district-run vouchers. 

FLORIDA: A school-finance lawsuit adds school choice into its complaint as another mechanism taking money from some public schools. 

LOUISIANA: In New Orleans, the remaining five traditional public schools have closed for good

CALIFORNIA: The state may bring back ineffective bilingual education


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Joy Pullmann

Joy Pullmann is a research fellow on education policy for The Heartland Institute and managing... (read full bio)