San Diego Council President Calls for Higher Minimum Wage

San Diego Council President Calls for Higher Minimum Wage
June 17, 2014

San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria on Monday presented a plan for a ballot measure to increase the minimum wage.

The proposal  would increase the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by January 2017. The increases are staggered. By 2015 the minimum wage would be set at $9.75, and by 2016 it would increase to $10.50.

The minimum wage in the Golden State is now $8 an hour, 75 cents more than the federal minimum of $7.25. Gloria’s proposed increases coincide with increases to the minimum wage that California has already set. Next month, all Californians will be paid at least $9 an hour. This will increase to $10 an hour by January 2016.

Higher Than State Minimum

Gloria’s proposal would bump San Diego’s minimum wage a bit higher than wages in the rest of the state. The proposal also allows minimum wage workers to acquire sick days.

The Seattle City Council recently passed a minimum wage hike that increased hourly rates to $15 an hour. This increase comes with a few exceptions, unlike Gloria’s proposal.

“Living in San Diego costs more than living in most other areas of California, so it makes sense that our minimum wage should be higher. The modified proposal keeps San Diego’s wage ahead of the state’s and will provide greater opportunities for more of our neighbors,” Gloria said in a news release.

Gloria tweeted a link to the release and the proposal just before the City Council was scheduled to meet at on Monday at 2 p.m.

A live stream of the council meeting can be viewed here.

On Monday, the council voted 6-3 to begin negotiating with city employees based on Gloria’s wage increase proposal.

Referendum Possibility in November

After successful labor negotiations, the wage increase will be considered by the council again, at which point they will decide whether or not the proposal will make it on the November ballot.

This decision to put it on the ballot will likely take place in mid-July, a press release from Gloria’s office stated.

This proposal to raise minimum wage to $11.50 is a modified version of Gloria’s original proposal to raise the wage to $13.09 an hour.

Bre Payton is a reporter for where this article first appeared.