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Almost Half of State Health Insurance Exchanges Are Fighting for Survival

Almost half of the 17 health insurance exchanges set up by the states and the District of Columbia under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, are in trouble fin

South Carolina House Votes to End Certificate of Need Law

South Carolina’s House of Representatives voted 103‒1 in April to end the state’s certificate of need (CON) law in 2018.

FCC Tries (Again) to Be Lord of the Internet

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The Federal Communications Commission this week voted 3-2 to establish new net neutrality rules

Honig Gets It Half-Right

Speaking at his organization's 10th Annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy conference as reported a

Cell Phone Customers Required to Pay for Free Phones

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If you own a cell phone, you're paying for someone else's phone as well, every month (h/t Patrick O'Meara).

Government Responsible for Bad TV

Writing in The American Spectator, author and cultural critic Daniel Flynn explains that cable and satellite TV subscribership is decreasing because of the awfulness of the programming, pa

Court Rejects Minnesota Youth Video Game Restriction

A federal appeals court has upheld a permanent injunction against a Minnesota law intended to discourage children under 17 from buying or renting video games classified as violent.

Indianapolis Mayor Is Ousted by Voters

In one of the biggest political upsets in the state's history, popular two-term Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson (D) lost to Republican candidate Greg Ballard, a political unknown, in the November

Florida Drops Gas Tax for Month of August

The state of Florida decided to give its taxpayers a couple of breaks during the month of August. For 31 days, the state cut its sales tax on gasoline, to the delight of local drivers.